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Nov 11: There is magic

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Early morning. Having a cappuccino down by the port. Enjoying the peaceful reflections on the water and reflecting about the Hands on Global experience. There is magic in this ngo. The right people always show up, with skills and open hearts and willingness to work long and hard. Our Tibetan Nurse Practitioner left early and a [...]

Nov 10: Space is running out

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This is home for this family. When a person or family arrive they are only given a bag with a toothbrush and soap. No tent, no blanket. There is such a shortage of space and tents that there needs to be at least 4 people in order for refuge4 refugees to give a tent. The tents [...]

Nov 9: Frustration at the system

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Today was one of those days of frustration at the system. Having to tell an 18 year old there is no dentist to pull out his infected, painful molars. He will have to just live with the pain, likely for years. A 53 year old woman who has an extremely high blood sugar level of 344, [...]

Nov 8: There is great kindness here

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It takes a village to make our clinic happen. Our team is global from Slovakia, Romania, USA, Palestine, Ghana, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Cameroon, Tibet. We have great cooperation, and working together to serve our fellow humans here gives us strength . There is great kindness here. We are inquisitive about each other’s culture and respectful [...]

Nov 7: I want to praise Greece for caring

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We have a Nurse Practitioner from Canada joining our team. She is very skilled and has done refugee work before so she was a seamless fit. Dr. Dan saw some really sick kids today, pneumonia’s, asthma. He said these are kids he would not send home and yet they are sent back to a tent [...]

Nov 5: With open hearts & determination we show WE CARE

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We have figured out more efficient, less chaotic management. Sadly, the stories and situations, frustrations and lack of resource have become our “normal”. I hate this because we have no choice but to work within this parameter. And we accept it. I don’t want this to be the “normal”. We should never accept this . [...]

Nov 4: The choices people have to make to survive

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Dr. Dan, the pediatrician, is here and we had lots of kids for him to see. He did really well the first day, working with refugees in our make shift clinic. Kids coming in with asthma. The cold season is just starting and the fires to keep warm have started exacerbating their respiratory issues. The bed [...]

Nov 3: Today was sick baby day

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Today was sick baby day. Our pediatrician, Dr. Dan, arrives this evening but they couldn’t wait. Lots of fevers and coughs and the cold rains have not yet begun. The kids all have rashes - chicken pox, scabies and bed bug bites are rampant. We set up another tent for discharge, a nice big ten person [...]

Nov 2: The circus is back . . . and Karen’s Hug & Rub Clinic is open

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The Flying Seagull Circus is back after two days off. They are amazing, working with these refugee kids. The noise level is intense but it’s all laughter and giggles and how can that be bad?  Karen’s HUG and RUB clinic is very popular and sometimes I think it is the best we can do for [...]