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312, 2018

Dec 3: Medical Care Shortage South of the Border

Just got word there is a shortfall in December medical care at the Texas/Mexico border. Our Hands On Global team is responding and tag teaming to cover December. There are a lot of SICK people needing medical attention. Leslie Gibbs NP, Judy Paton, Board Member and I leave Sunday 12/9. Dr Georgia Milan is home now and returning Dec 17 [...]

2811, 2018

Nov 28: Update From Dr. Georgia, South of the Border

Hi Everyone! Worked till late tonight but so glad to be here. The last 3 hours saw 6 folks with temps over 104! So much influenza! So little complaints. I saw one young man who just wanted me to see his daughter. She was very sick with a temp over 104 but I took his to reassure his young [...]

2711, 2018

Nov 27: Report From Dr. Georgia, South of the Border

Hi Everyone! This is my 2nd day at the RGV Catholic Charities Respite Center. I am so glad to be here. The way things work down here in South Texas is that when folks cross the border seeking asylum, (and they present with probable cause for asylum) they are sent to the detention center, and after a period of [...]

2611, 2018

Nov 26: Report From Dr. Georgia, South of the Border

Hi Val and Friends, Today was my first day at the Respite Center of the Rio Grand Valley Catholic Charities, across the border from Reynosa. It was incredibly crazy. I saw 60 patients, many children, almost everyone from Honduras - although some from Guatemala and El Salvador. Everyone had children with them. There were many fathers with their children. [...]

2511, 2018

Nov 26: News From South of the Border

Dr Georgia Milan of Hands On Global is on the Texas-Mexico border working with the Catholic Charity shelters providing medical care to the many people crossing the border. People are being released from detention centers on the US side and are really sick. There is an influenza epidemic. People with high fevers, coughs and flu symptoms are sleeping person [...]