2411, 2020

November 23: The Triage line keeps growing.

Today Tama, Lily and I went to Home Away in the morning. Lily will be doing work in their warehouse where they do food and clothing distribution as winter is coming and people need coats. We stopped at their restaurant and asked if they could include hot food delivery to the covid isolation unit and they said they will. Due [...]

2411, 2020

November 22: Who is responsible for the needs of refugees?

Thinking of all my family and community and the covid numbers in the USA. Here on the island there were 70 new cases yesterday. That is huge and people are wearing masks. The restaurants and most businesses are closed. Are there still gatherings of friends and family? I am not sure. Working in the camp we are using PPE and [...]

1511, 2020

November 15: A Day Off + Fire & Covid Update

A day off. We went over to the burned out Moria camp. WOW - what a catastrophic fire. Everything burned, iso boxes melted, fire hoses melted. It is eerie walking around this camp that was so crowded with people and tents all over. Thinking of the 24,000 refugees who lived there. It must have been terrifying. We got stopped [...]

1411, 2020

November 14: We must stop creating the conditions that create refugees!

The end of our first week and we are making sense of the chaos. Working well in our positions and as a team. All the medical NGOs are working together and it is inspiring. Still, the set-up is evolving. Awaiting construction of spaces and shelters for many of the medical services. Triage both chronic and primary are still with no [...]

1311, 2020

November 13: New life starting in a refugee camp – despite conditions.

Working triage. Love it because I get to meet all the patients. We made a few improvements working well, still need shelter. It gets cold as we are by the sea and the wind picks up every afternoon. Medications are a big issue. I just spent over $800 on replacing meds and we have only been here a week. [...]

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