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3001, 2018

Thank you for your donations!

To all who donated, thank you! We were able to buy these medicines - enough for 5 more days. We have ordered some more z packs for pneumonia and we are good. Thank you from all our refugee friends from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Cameroon, Congo, Mali, Eritrea, Sri Lanka. If you'd like to go to [...]

2801, 2018

Day 6: Lesbos, Greece

We were a bit slow to start this morning and when we arrived 30 min late we had people waiting. We were really happy to see the Africans waiting to see us. Most are from the Congo and Cameroon, some from Senegal, Eritrea, Gambia, and Sudan. Brian is fluent in French and they really liked speaking to him. Their [...]

2501, 2018

Day 3: Lesbos, Greece

Today went rather smoothly. We decided to limit our visit and saw 40 patients. Spending more time with each, Karen was able to do massage for some who were injured in bomb blasts and Mark did some acupuncture for stress and ptsd. Many just had colds and sinus issues - we gave them Tylenol, tissues and some multi-vitamins. Scabies is [...]