212, 2020

December 1: Hard to sleep, thinking about the pain.

Tuesday triage, a cold evening by the sea. Emotionally challenging due to 2 patients. One a young man, disheveled, clearly suffering. He had deep wounds from cutting, huge bandages on one arm, and new cuts on his chest, begging for help. He has a psych appointment for three days later but is clearly in distress NOW. He laid his head [...]

3011, 2020

November 30: Great fun to just be having fun.

Sunday - not a day off, but a beautiful day. We finished up with the pharmacy storage at One Happy Family. Then went over to the Refugee4Refugees warehouse which has to be moved tomorrow to a new warehouse. Cathy, Sid, Lily, hard at work with the R4R team sorting through literally tons of donations put them on pallets to be [...]

3011, 2020

November 30: Giving Tuesday – December 1

The Hands On Global team is still on the ground in Greece working at the new Kera Tempe Camp which houses close to 8,000 refugees. The conditions here are bleak: limited toilets, summer tents, cold water showers from a water bladder, no electricity.The worst is for those isolated by COVID. The isolation area is deplorable and inhumane. These patients are [...]

2811, 2020

November 28: The importance of NORMALCY

Saturday, a day off from the clinic. But still work to be done so the team split up. Cathy and Lily went to the Home For All warehouse and sorted and bagged clothes for distribution. There is an urgent need for warm clothes and coats as winter weather approaches . . , predicted for Monday. Tama, Sid and I went [...]

2711, 2020

November 27: The really bright side are the refugee translators.

Grateful Thanksgiving week. It was wonderful to see all the posts of gratitude. It is early Saturday morning. I was planning to sleep in, but the external clock and the slightest hint of morning light have my eyes open, jumping out of bed for that first cup of coffee.The last 2 days of clinic flowed at a steady pace. No [...]

2511, 2020

November 25: Truly heartbreaking moments.

A cold windy afternoon and evening in triage by the sea. Soon triage will be enclosed - hopefully before the next rain predicted for Monday. I love doing triage because I love meeting all the refugees who come for medical care. Many come with significant issues others come for a band aide or a paracetamol for a headache or antacid [...]

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