1012, 2020

December 10: How will they sleep tonight? Will they be warm?

The wind was said to be 100 km. The noise in the tent was like a continuous roar and the ropes beating loudly on the walls. The wind so strong that my translator and I were knocked over a table and held there by the weight of the tent wall blowing in. The rain was torrential. Lightning too. The electric [...]

912, 2020

December 9: Truth be told … Things are getting out of control!

This report is real. I have just seen the photo documentation of this event. I am shaking with pain for this inhumane situation -- THINGS ARE GETTING OUT OF CONTROL HERE. From Aegean Boat report. A human rights ngo monitoring the Aegean: On Saturday November 28th, at 22.00, a boat carrying 18 people landed in Ag. Kratigou, Lesvos south. The [...]

812, 2020

December 8: We must have the freedom to speak out!

From CHOOSE LOVE NGO: We cannot allow the truth about conditions in Greek camps to be hidden. New rules in Greece mean that anyone working inside refugee camps will now be bound by a confidentiality clause which could be used to ban them from sharing anything they see or hear. This censorship will make it harder than ever to show [...]

712, 2020

December 7: Things are moving along in our last week.

Sunday. Day off. Tama and I went north to the life jacket graveyard to get life jackets for making bracelets. As we left the Skala skimos, the northern part of the island where refugee rafts generally come in, about 15 minutes north on a dirt road we came across a refugee camp. We were shocked. I got one quick photo [...]

212, 2020

December 1: Hard to sleep, thinking about the pain.

Tuesday triage, a cold evening by the sea. Emotionally challenging due to 2 patients. One a young man, disheveled, clearly suffering. He had deep wounds from cutting, huge bandages on one arm, and new cuts on his chest, begging for help. He has a psych appointment for three days later but is clearly in distress NOW. He laid his head [...]

3011, 2020

November 30: Great fun to just be having fun.

Sunday - not a day off, but a beautiful day. We finished up with the pharmacy storage at One Happy Family. Then went over to the Refugee4Refugees warehouse which has to be moved tomorrow to a new warehouse. Cathy, Sid, Lily, hard at work with the R4R team sorting through literally tons of donations put them on pallets to be [...]

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