2801, 2020

Jan 28: The mobilization and organization that is required to run a camp like this one is staggering.

Today was day 4 in Matamoros. Lauren is here! Our Hands on Global team grew to two! Busy clinic day, our gynecologist was in and saw many women, both pregnant and trying not to be. A delegation from the UN High Council for Refugees is here, doing a camp survey and also met with us to do some training and [...]

2701, 2020

Jan 27: Who better to make decisions than mothers who already run the world?

Today was day 3 in Matamoros. Busier day today, lots of sick babies, several pregnant mothers, people with heart conditions and the ever pressing need for better birth control options. Our team is phenomenal. Providers, nurses, medics, pharmacy, interpreters, support staff, all volunteers, all here for different reasons but same mission. It’s important to be flexible and humble when doing [...]

2601, 2020

Jan 26: Today I listened to stories . . .

Today was day 2 in Matamoros. Sundays are days of rest, family, and the sacred in Latin America and that was palpable today. There was a sense of calm. The clinic was not very busy, and we used the downtime to organize, organize, organize. Sustained clinics like this one are constantly evolving, growing, incorporating new members and saying goodbye [...]

2501, 2020

Jan 25: Day One – Crossing the Border

Today was day one in Matamoros!I crossed the border with Global Response Management team members and we got right to work. Hands on Global is partnering with GRM to help staff their clinic in Matamoros, Mexico. The clinic is right in the middle of camp. It’s flu season, we saw lots of coughs and colds and fevers today, including some [...]