411, 2019

Nov 4: The choices people have to make to survive

Dr. Dan, the pediatrician, is here and we had lots of kids for him to see. He did really well the first day, working with refugees in our make shift clinic. Kids coming in with asthma. The cold season is just starting and the fires to keep warm have started exacerbating their respiratory issues. The bed bugs and scabies are [...]

211, 2019

Nov 2: The circus is back . . . and Karen’s Hug & Rub Clinic is open

The Flying Seagull Circus is back after two days off. They are amazing, working with these refugee kids. The noise level is intense but it’s all laughter and giggles and how can that be bad?  Karen’s HUG and RUB clinic is very popular and sometimes I think it is the best we can do for these people. We need [...]

111, 2019

Nov 1: No solid plans for the future, only hope

The team is working so well together. I would not say smooth going … but great creativity and resourcefulness and somehow we are still smiling for our patients. There is a chicken pox epidemic. So many kids with fevers and pox, they are miserable and can you believe there is NO CALAMINE lotion on the island! Today I saw a [...]

3110, 2019

Oct 31: A day off

A day off yesterday! Some of the team got to swim in the Aegean in a lagoon by a waterfall. Tama and I had a meeting with MSF, restocked supplies and had a video conference with Omar, who is on Lesvos at Moria camp. He said there are now over 16,000. The camp capacity is 3,500. They are now building [...]

3010, 2019

Oct 30: Man’s inhumanity to man

74 patients today, some pretty intense stories. I struggled today between absolute frustration and horror at man’s inhumanity to man. Both from war and torture and for allowing people to live in this desperate situation and allowing there to be nothing done. It’s just so wrong. We had several sick babies today and I was thinking how my grandson [...]