Refugee Crisis
Lesvos Camp Map

Hands On Global believes the refugee situation to be a desperate global humanitarian crisis. Every continent is experiencing mass migration due to wars, political religious and ethnic persecution, environmental disasters and economic hardship.

As of 7/2019 the UNHCR numbers 72 million refugees and internally displaced persons. The average length of time a person is displaced is 24 years. Many for their lifetime.

This is a massive global crisis with no easy solutions. It affects every country.

Hands on Global works to provide basic healthcare for refugees. Our teams have worked doing mobile clinics outside the refugee camps and worked inside the camp clinics. We collaborate with existing NGO’s in the field in order to provide consistent care and follow up. We acknowledge that we are putting band aides on hemorrhages.

This is difficult work. One needs to be present and focused while being the person on the ground, letting a refugee know you see them and you hear them. You become a human lifeline. You can be the person that offers hope for one more day. This is the reward for this work. Hands on Global works hand to hand and heart to heart and we believe we make a difference.

Volunteers and funds are needed and the situation is always desperate.


Medical providers, massage therapists, psychologists with trauma experience, medics, nurses, nurse practitioners, support persons, ALL are NEEDED.

Volunteers of ALL SKILLS – if you are interested contact us, tell us what you can do and we can put you to work.


We need financial support to provide medicines, medical supplies and logistical expenses like renting a van for mobile healthcare delivery.


Put a healthcare provider on the ground. Our volunteers pay all their own expenses and many have volunteered multiple times. Help them continue to do this work. DONATE NOW!

Our team currently works in refugee camps in Greece – on Samos and Lesvos Islands, and on the US Southern Border in McAllen Texas and Reynosa Mexico.