406, 2022

June 4: Delhi & Buy Supplies

Delhi has been a high of 110 degrees. Thank goodness it is dry heat, yet still heat. Plenty of a.c. in buildings. This country has 1.38 billion people and 25 million people in Delhi. If you don’t like lots of honking and noise, don’t come to Delhi. People in the city walk in a rush, signs galore with huge [...]

2405, 2022

May 24: Ukraine Update

UKRAINE CONFILCTHands On Global team continues serving IDPs on the ground in Chernavitzi. Due to gas shortages the team has had to move from the Romanian border town of Siret into Chernavitzi city. This is a bit unsettling as there are daily air raids but there is no other option.The shelters are still housing many IDPs , many now arriving [...]

505, 2022

May 5: Ukraine Update

UKRAINE CONFILCT May 5, 2022 Thank you for your generous donation in support of the people of Ukraine. I have returned from a month working in Ukraine. Hands On Global Team 2 is continuing on the ground and Teams 3 and 4 are in preparation. We intend to remain in Ukraine until this terrible war ends and then will bring [...]

205, 2022

May 2: Ukraine Update

By Lina Knutsdatter Thingstad ~ Hands On Global Team Leader Last week we were, as usual, at different shelters in Chernivtsi ~ all the way up to the Carphatian mountains, close to the Ivano-frankivsk region. We visited refugees in very remote areas, where health service is more than difficult to attend, and where internally displaced people are housed under poor [...]

2903, 2022

March 29: Ready to come home

My last day in Ukraine. New team oriented. Busy day today. Over 70 patients, many with severe mental trauma. Children afraid to be outside, insomnia, and constant worry that the air raid siren means missiles will followed them. I am saying goodbye tomorrow morning to an amazing team who will continue this work with courage and compassion. I am ready [...]

2803, 2022

March 28: Sending a young boy to Norway

Today we went to a small village outside Chenvistzi. There are many refugees there. We worked in a very small hospital/clinic and saw over 75 patients.The highlight was meeting a young boy 5 1/2 years old with a congenital heart condition. He had cyanosis lips and diaphoretic on exertion. Our doctor examined him and heard a very loud murmur. His [...]


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