The team arrived this morning to find that Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was closed and there were a ton of sick kids and babies. There were barely any pediatric medicines at the clinic but THANKS TO YOUR DONATIONS we have them!!!! Tara sent an SOS, Nancy flew over to the house to get them and also pick up Leslie and I who were planning to work the evening shift. There were so many patients, sick patients, vomitting, diarrhea, injuries. For a few hours translators were missing and things were somewhat out of control. There was an altercation between a doctor and a refugee at the Greek government clinic and the government just closed it down. Everyone came to Kitranos Clinic, where we are working.

The health care is inadequate. People are sick, injured, traumatized and want to have care. Some get so frustrated and angry they lash out. Unfortunately it is sometimes directed to the people trying to help. There are simply minimal resources, minimal options. It is so difficult. Our team is amazing their competence, compassion and calmness is incredible. They keep working, they problem solve with very limited resources.

Genevieve is a great addition – a remarkable young woman who works on our own US / Mexico border. She is kinda the undercover sleuth in finding out the workings of the camp. We are awaiting her turotial.

Marine, from Switzerland, is wonderful. She graduated medical school 7 months ago. She is great asset. She has moved into our house and we really enjoy her. Tonight we wined and dined under the full moon in the Mytilene harbor. We are the privileged, able to leave the misery of the camp. It does not feel comfortable. We laughed and cried as we reviewed our day.

The painful reality of the cruelty of humans upon humans is incomprehensible and makes me choke up. The images show what happens to a foot when it steps on a bomb.