Another day in the jungle.

Today Georgia and Marcia joined the jungle team. It was a women’s day and we also saw many minors. These young boys really break my heart. Their faces are so pained. Many are vot [victlms of torture] and have endured beatings. They are alone. None are with family. Many have witnessed the murder of family members. They are hungry, underfed. Where will they end up and what will their worldview be?

Terra ran around again today getting blankets for pregnant women, coats and shoes and sleeping bags and a few tents for those in desperate need. Everyone is in need. Everyone is desperate.
I am trying to find something positive to say, I can’t.

This place is a nightmare.

I saw another woman today who was rejected and is waiting to be arrested, taken to prison then deported. She cried, I held her. There is nothing I can do.

Alex said a Ghana brother was just arrested yesterday, taken to prison. He said he could be bailed out which would leave him free for 6 months. Not sure how that works but seems bribery always works anywhere.

Our translators are fabulous, our African organization team too. They show up every day. We pay them daily, with bags of food.

People here are hungry. There is just not enough food and Alex said people basically eat once a day. It is not a nutritious meal but a small portion of rice and maybe some meat. No fruits, very little vegetables.

I saw a truck in the harbor, a small farmer truck filled with oranges. I am going to find him tomorrow and hope to buy the entire truckload of oranges to give out. It will not be enough but at least some will get it.

Thank you to those who have sent donations. We were able to buy more amoxicillin and paracetamol tonight. It will get us by another few days.

We are fatigued. A day off on Saturday. I will put my head in a cloud for a day.