This Saturday, October 20th, Hands On Global team of 10 fly to Greece to work again at Moria Refugee Camp. Those of us who have been there before are dealing with the anxiety of impending heartbreak. Right now we cope by going into task mode, which believe me, there are a lot of tasks to get us and all our medical supplies and medications there.

Thanking all of you who contributed. We bought many needed medications and 2 days ago a portable nebulizer for respiratory treatments. Really, this is so needed!!!! It runs on battery, car cigarette lighter or electric.

So, tasks aside we prepare to go and do our best to deliver health care. We commit to work hand to hand and heart to heart.

One of our Doctors, Georgia Milan said “It may seem like such a drop in the ocean, and yet, how can we not do (something) at this point? There’s value in having your heart broken by the world’s suffering.”

I will be posting links to my blog on Facebook. Please follow our work. We have promised to bear witness and share their stories.