First delivery happens.  We meet Max who will make sure the Combat Application Tourniquets (CATs), emergency trauma bandages and antibiotic creams are delivered to the front lines.  His expression of gratitude is sincere.  He plays an audio text from a soldier who tells him that it is a CAT that saved the life of his brother.  


Max, his wife and two children left their home in Kharkiv in 2022, at the start of the invasion, and moved to Chenvtsi.  It is considered a safe city as it has never been attacked by the Russians.  His wife is a pediatrician who developed a tele-health practice with her patients in Kharkiv.  Both Max and his wife’s mother remain in Kharkiv and will not leave.  They describe Kharkiv as much of the time without electricity, water and constant shelling.   For many, school is by computer as it is not safe to attend.  They said they had a good life and home with plans for the future that shattered when the invasion happened.  They left their home and lifestyle and do not know when or if they will be able to go home. 


Max has many contacts for courier services that have helped us previously. He discusses fraud and how you have to be careful. There is corruption at every level.  hese discussions enforce why we need to deliver our medical equipment and supplies in person and to people we trust.


Signing off from Ukraine