Up early buying cooking pots, cooking utensils, small wood cook stove, washing buckets, spices and food to distribute to the African-Sri Lanka tent. Thanks to the generosity of YOU we purchased this small stove, cooking pots, cleaning buckets and good vegetables and spices. These will be shared by many people.

Our last gorilla clinic today. We saw 37 patients. One young man, maybe from Congo, had a fever, night sweats, coughing up blood, fatigue – likely tb and if that is so he will be denied entrance into many countries, the places where he can be treated. He is now young and strong. What will happen to him?

One man had a blood pressure of 194/143. I took it 2 times and it was still high. Mark gave him some meds and we referred and explained to him to go to docmobile clinic at Happy Family to follow up.

We Treated the last in our line of patients and then we just drove away.

We went to Omar’s warehouse, donated our clothes, misc stuff. We heard last night in the high wind and heavy rain a refugee boat arrived in the north. Today Omar was organizing a training for receiving refugees as more will come.

We said goodbye and donated some funds to SULTANA food bus, headed to Happy Family and docmobile clinic, gave them the rest of our drugs. They were especially appreciative of the epi pens as they are starting immunizations in the camp on Wednesday. There have been a few cases of measles which hospitalized 2 people.

Today was an emotional day for me, tears flowed several times, I was unable to speak at times. Tomorrow we fly to Athens to do a few clinics at a refugee squatters camp. Those who got to leave the island refugee camp and have nowhere to go.