Today was day 3 in Matamoros.
Busier day today, lots of sick babies, several pregnant mothers, people with heart conditions and the ever pressing need for better birth control options.

Our team is phenomenal. Providers, nurses, medics, pharmacy, interpreters, support staff, all volunteers, all here for different reasons but same mission. It’s important to be flexible and humble when doing work like this. In between patients, one of the nurses built a shelving system for supplies, while a paramedic organized the IV supplies and emergency kits. Everyone helps set up and break down.

Recently a women’s council was formed at the camp, with women from many countries and walks of life represented.

Whether about a camp or a country, who better to make decisions about safety, children, sanitation, and conflict than the mothers who already run the world? #girls

Photo: Mosaic steps leading to Matamoros camp
Post by: Leslie Gibbs, Nurse Practitioner