By Lina Knutsdatter Thingstad ~ Hands On Global Team Leader

Last week we were, as usual, at different shelters in Chernivtsi ~ all the way up to the Carphatian mountains, close to the Ivano-frankivsk region. We visited refugees in very remote areas, where health service is more than difficult to attend, and where internally displaced people are housed under poor conditions.

We are, in addition to our daily work, also occupied with special cases. We have some patients needing special medication that are impossible to get in Ukraine, and very difficult to get in Romania. At the moment we have two people who are suffering from MS, and also kids with acute leukemia that needs special and expensive medication. We are doing our best to get some for them.

This week we escorted a woman with a serious wound from artillery fire to the hospital.  She was in real danger of losing her leg. For a couple of other families we are working on evacuation and treatment outside the country.

We are always stretching to help, but are dependent on donations.

Thank you for all your help!

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