Doctors and their Bags

This second trip to Ukraine as a Medical supply courier reinforced the importance of these supplies to the work that these orthopedic trauma surgeons are doing. We are moved by how humble and dedicated these doctors are.

Per Dr. Rhikter, “We had to learn how to treat this new type of war trauma within days of the start of the invasion. We reacheded out to orthopedists worldwide regarding how to treat these new wounds we were seeing. We had no choice but to become a war trauma surgeon.”

Dr. Lepilov said it best when he said, “It was a game changer for our patients in saving limbs.” He expressed his appreciation to SIGN Fracture Care for donating these limb-saving orthopedic supplies.

We also carried two suitcases of Israeli bandages and military grade tourniquets for the front lines that were donated by community members.

It was a privilege to carry these suitcases from California, thru Poland and into Lviv, Ukraine. From Lviv the journey of the suitcases continued as we drove them to the doctors three hours away in different directions.

We will gladly make this trip again.

Tama Adelman and Merita Callaway

Signing off from Lviv, Ukraine