We have figured out more efficient, less chaotic management. Sadly, the stories and situations, frustrations and lack of resource have become our “normal”. I hate this because we have no choice but to work within this parameter. And we accept it. I don’t want this to be the “normal”. We should never accept this . . . and yet here we are.

There is a beautiful one year old with asthma that has been treated twice at our clinic. It was discovered yesterday that beneath his layers of clothes he has a club foot. Dr. Dan asked me what we can do. He needs surgery before he starts walking, if he will walk. I am making a referral and I can almost guarantee nothing will happen. I doubt he will get the necessary surgery. This will impact his entire life. I wonder, home in the USA with our current healthcare system – will we be fighting similar battles?

Another family is here with a developmentally disabled child. The kid is non-verbal, has seizures, wanders away from the family tent. He has not been able to get his seizure medicine and had a grand mal seizure four days ago. This case is a real challenge as living in a tent in this jungle with a child in this condition is dangerous. Dr. Dan did an evaluation. No surprises, neurological damage, but his safety is a huge issue. We are making a referral but ????? And so frustration, inability to obtain a higher level of care. Even simple, no brainer issues are normal.

It breaks our heart as we continue to do what we can with few tools and limited medical supplies. But with open hearts and determination we show WE CARE.