We have a Nurse Practitioner from Canada joining our team. She is very skilled and has done refugee work before so she was a seamless fit. Dr. Dan saw some really sick kids today, pneumonia’s, asthma. He said these are kids he would not send home and yet they are sent back to a tent in the jungle.

The photo is of a three year old from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a Syrian baby waiting to see the doctor. The baby was distressed and the little girl went over and took his hand and kissed it and the baby started smiling. A touching moment.

I have been curious about ISIS in the camp. I am told there is a significant presence – both people who were forced to join and are escaping, seeking refugee, and recruiters. Scary, but when a person has nothing, has lost their home, their family, everything and a religious leader comes in as the protective father image, offering a home, food , clothing, well ????? Kids growing up in these camps have no other reference.

We need a MR. ROGERS here. A gentle kindness that has no ulterior agenda.

Again I want to praise Greece for the really difficult situation they are in.
Most Greeks I speak with are angry and stressed to the max about the situation and they always say the bottom line is these are humans and they need to be cared for. The other EU countries are basically closed now to resettling refugees. I hear very few are able to go anywhere else.