Just got word there is a shortfall in December medical care at the Texas/Mexico border. Our Hands On Global team is responding and tag teaming to cover December. There are a lot of SICK people needing medical attention. Leslie Gibbs NP, Judy Paton, Board Member and I leave Sunday 12/9. Dr Georgia Milan is home now and returning Dec 17 – 31 so we can cover December!!!

I just love our team. At short notice, schedules get rearranged and they show up where there is a need. Below is a list of needed items. I am carrying a 50 lb bag of medical supplies and Judy will have a 50 lb. bag for these items.

Toiletries for men and women (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, etc)
Shoes (sandals, tennis shoes, loafers, etc) for men, women, children and infants of all sizes
Clothes (pants, t-shirts, blouses, underclothing, etc) for children and adults of all sizes
Baby supplies for toddlers (Pampers, baby wipes, baby bottles, etc.)
shoelaces, belts, water bottles
Gift cards to purchase food items
Phone cards

If you are local in Helena please call me 406-439-3580 and we can arrange pick up drop off THIS WEEK.

If you want to donate funds please do!