Our Dr. Mark is sick, coughing, cold, whatever. Virus the camp has he has. He had his face up close and personal with many a sick persons and he has succumbed. He is mega vitamin dosing and resting, his cough sounds terrible. Brian departed this morning for Athens – bye Brian!!

We went back to the Mayor’s office to pick up our permits for the Kara Tepe camp run by the municipality of Lesvos set up by the mayor. On the way we found a store front office offering educated ms or PhD refugees a fellowship at the Agean University. This was great connecting these people.

Karen, Tama and I took the car and drove across the island. We spent the day appreciating the beauty of this island and the warmth of the Greek people. I am so impressed with the openness and solidarity of the people here in Lesvos. How many communities would have been this openhearted?

We may be at the end of our medical service because I doubt Mark will be recovered. He thought maybe Monday would be our last day. We all want to go one more time. We have decided we will go work in the refugee warehouse. And also at sultana, the food bus, which is parked in the warehouse parking lot. We have very few meds left but can give what we do have, especially the z packs and vitamins to the docmobile team working out of the shed at Happy Gamily ngo. They were so helpful to us and they are seeing lots of pneumonias too. Will spend some more time with Omar and talk to him about greatest needs. We want to return in September.

The other night we met with a woman who is a reporter for Politica – the newspaper here on the island. She was informative openhearted woman. She visits the camps 2-3 times a week. She has offered to help us when we return in sept to find a house.

We feel appreciated by the refugees and the people of Lesvos. They have carried this weight for a long time they need help. They sincerely want the refugees to be cared for with compassion and dignity. Again this is a global issue and requires global solutions.
Anyone interested in volunteering, there are many opportunities – medical, massage, food programs, logistics, places like Happy Family, providing normalcy.

The refugees thanked us over and over for coming and the other ngos, well we thank each other for the work we all do. Thank you who read these posts and contribute. It is important now to not let this crisis be forgotten, it is not over. I hope these blogs have motivated you to take action.