Finished last clinic here at camp.
I have loved working with the CMA and Healthbridge translators, the CMA team, the EODY team, MVI and the ABS German team. Each person did their best to deliver the best health care possible in very challenging conditions. It has been an honor to work together. I am very sad to leave. As stressful as this work can be, the rewards are beyond measure. To be able to serve those in need is a gift. I am grateful for my ability to serve. The co-workers and friends I have met here, though together for only a short time, have made deep connections and will have a lifelong place in my heart.

The refugees … will always be in my mind and I will tell their stories and work towards solutions to end the conditions that create refugees on this planet.

Meanwhile the rain continues. Torrential last night. And on and on, the forecast for many days of heavy rain. We will head to the camp to assist with emergency distributions very soon. My privilege is being warm and dry and drinking my second cup of coffee before I don my raincoat, boots and head to camp where refugee tents are flooding and they are walking around without rain jackets in flip flops.