Sunday. Day off. Tama and I went north to the life jacket graveyard to get life jackets for making bracelets. As we left the Skala skimos, the northern part of the island where refugee rafts generally come in, about 15 minutes north on a dirt road we came across a refugee camp. We were shocked. I got one quick photo before the police arrived to tell us to leave. I did ask how long people stayed here and he said one month. So, it is likely to be a camp for new arrivals to quarantine. Later Radwan came to our house and he did NOT know about this camp. We are going to figure this out. We are concerned there is no medical care but we don’t know. Nobody seems to know. Below is an image of this mystery camp.

Some things are moving along. the Dutch have dontated a field hospital for COVID isolation. It will be moved in next week. This will make the isolation so much better for folks? I just saw the blueprint of the hospital, it is fantastic. It will be able to accommodate 52 patients at three levels of care, minimal, moderate and critical. The Greek public health will send medical staff in.

Well, this is our last week. Lily and I are considering staying another week but ???? Radwan has asked Hands On Global to have a more permanent relationship on the ground here. If it weren’t for my dogs, I think I could convince my husband to move with me to Greece for 6 months.

Glad to see Presient Biden asking for masks for 100 days. Smart. Hoping the vaccine is available soon. Hoping all are well.