Moria Refugee Project – November UPDATE

Winter has set in on Lesbos Island Greece. With it has come torrential rains and cold. Many of the refugees at the MORIA REFUGEE CAMP are living in tents and shelters made of tarps. Their tents and tarp shelters are wet. The electricity has gone out many times. They do not have raincoats to protect them from the rains. They continue to wait up to 4 hours on food lines in the rain, getting drenched. Even the waiting area in the clinic is wet. Tama Adelman from Hands On Global is still there at Moria. She reports a deeper layer of misery for these people. Respiratory infections are rampant now. Wounds that were so well cared for are getting reinfected due to being wet. Medicines and bandages run out so quickly when there are over 11,000 people to serve.