Today the medical clinic was closed. Everyone was working to get bedding and clothing in place for the 200 plus people needing shelter due to yesterday’s fire. The UNHCR worked to reissue paperwork as people have lost their papers. This is scary.

Parents mourning the loss of their child, people were injured. One of our lovely sweet translators and her mother and brother from Afghanistan lost everything, again. Their journey here left behind their home, their community, their family and their country. Now they have lost the few things that survived that journey, unbelievable.

Today our team worked in Omar’s warehouse. We made bags of clothing to be distributed but when Scott and I drove to the camp to distribute we could see it would be a mob scene, way too dangerous. So we drove back to the warehouse and tomorrow we will work with Omar to get this clothing to those in need. Waheeda picked up 90 blankets. The UNHCR is desperately looking for shelter for these people and some, actually most, will sleep under the stars again tonight.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the immediate response for donations. I have given Omar money and he is working on shelters now.

We will work tomorrow and then leave the island Thursday morning, if the borders are still open. Greece went into deeper lockdown, the supermarkets and pharmacies will close as of tomorrow.

Several countries have shut down completely and we are just hoping we get out. If not we will just stay and work.

We are witnessing.