We are in the midst of a hell realm – a huge fire today inside the camp, one child died, several hundred now without shelter. What else can go wrong ?

Well Covid 19, the medical NGOs talking but still no direct actions to deal with this, the Greek hospital unwilling to address the potential of a disaster in Moria, many military stationed on the island and there is talk of the camp being quarantined, locked down. It will be a graveyard.

There is no personal protective equipment (PPE) available and our team is all over 60 years old and in the high risk category. Dental has shut down. There is a critical shortage of medical workers, medical supplies and medicines.

With a heavy heart we are leaving. The risks are too great for our team. There is absolutely no protections against the virus. I am so sad and so angry, words are failing me now.

Due to this fire there is a need for donations now  to shelter people.  Please consider donating at https://handsonglobal.org/donate/  via paypal or send a check to 5210 Kerr Dr, Helena Mt 59602.  People here are really desperate for shelter, clothing, blankets.  Omar, from reugee4refugees, will get them to people, I am leaving all the money we have here for this,

There is a storm raging outside. It is cold and windy.  It is unbelievable — the desperation here.

We are scrambling now to get flights out. the borders are closing, Greece is on lockdown with only supermarkets and pharmacies open.

The world has changed.

We are witnessing.