Finally, a clinic day. And not too crazy for a first day. The clinic is urgent care, basically for emergencies but we also see the unaccompanied minors and do wound care. I did triage with Shayee with Zee translating, Debra did wound care. The day started out with a woman and her father who were attacked in their tent this morning, a broken nose and some lacerations. Wound care was mostly knife wounds and one Somali woman got into a fight and had her finger almost bitten off, it was really bad. Another fight, another broken nose. A woman with an acute abdomen, a full blown panic attack, fevers, pneumonia, etc.

There was the heartbreak of people not able to get services they needed. An older Afghani man with a complicated medical history with a huge gallstone and in pain waiting months to wade through the system to have surgery. We saw a 28 year old man who had a diagnosed CVA (stroke) ten days ago, hypertensive and without medicine needing a follow up. I mean 28 years old – OMG.

The camp is really, really crowded. The food is really bad and lack of clean water all contribute to poor health. The dental team (Astarte and Marjean) had a great day and all love the dental team, organized compassionate and fast. Scott is doing a great job keeping us safe so we can just concentrate on work. It is so great to have someone watching our backs.

We can see a huge Greek naval ship outside the harbor and have been told it is housing refugees who have landed in the last few weeks as Greece has said they would not process anyone. These people are being treated as criminals and this is against international law – not that anyone enforces international law anymore anyway.

We are witnessing.