We are caring for the unaccompanied minors and then camp emergencies. These kids are so heartbreaking. They are alone with no relatives, many still housed in the jungle, an unprotected area, because there is no room in the protected sections for them. We see them after fights, stabbings and just sick. They are all hungry and cold.

Yesterday a 14 year old had been beaten up and brought in by his two tent mates. All of their belongings were stolen, including their tent, so they had nothing – not even shelter.

An elder Afghani man came in with his wife, he has advanced liver disease. He is not going to make it out of this camp. Despite having ascites (a belly full of fluid), barely able to walk, really sick with intermittent vomiting. He lives in the jungle in a tent. Dr. Ouzman was trying to get him moved . . . at least out of a tent . . . but with 22,000 people?????

A baby came in seizing and was not coming around so she was transported to the hospital.

A Somali woman, in labor with her first baby, imagine your first child, any child really, starting life in a refugee camp with not much hope to leave.

We are so happy to have Scott. Yesterday afternoon there was some fighting between ethnic groups in the camp. Men with sticks and nails were at each other. It was happening on the path to the dental clinic which got shut down – he had everyone inside on lockdown. The medical clinic also closed. We had left just before the fighting began.

Tensions are so high as people have to fight for everything – food, shelter, clothing.

So many services have been shut down and NGOs are working with reduced staff. It is just so difficult for the refugees. Plus, there are more deportations. I don’t know much about this yet but have heard the government is sending more refugees back to Turkey or their original countries. There is a deportation jail in the camp that I hear is full.

Meanwhile the ship is still in the harbor with many refugees being held inside and not being processed or allowed to come into the Moria Camp. Human Rights Watch is here demanding access to these people ???? I don’t know what will happen, but I hear there are many women and children in the hull.

Corona virus is a concern. There was one person in the Lesvos hospital with it . We have no real plan yet how to handle this here. The medical NGOs are talking and waiting for a directive from the Greek government. Meanwhile, we all are drinking elderberry tea with Osha root, taking supplements and stimulating our immune systems as best we can.

We are witnessing.