Today our Ukrainian driver picked us up in Budapest, Hungary and we drove to Mukachevo, Ukraine. Crossing the border took a while as we had 17 bags of medical supplies packed to the max.They were filled with trauma supplies including 100 tourniquets, medications and limb-saving orthopedic supplies. The Hungarian border control had us open three random bags and were a bit perplexed at the nails, bolts and screws from the orthopedic box. They let us pass through to Ukraine customs where we had to do a lot more explaining. Luckily, we had two letters from the NGO and one letter translated into Ukrainian.

We arrived in Mukachevo in pouring rain to the Children’s Regional Hospital. Our friend and head trauma surgeon had been pulled away to emergency trauma surgery. We unloaded at the hospital and then went and met up with the logistic coordinator for the front line. She arrived in a van and we unloaded eight huge bags of trauma supplies. They were heading to Behmut, where the war is raging. She was from Kharkiv and did not know if her home was still standing. Just yesterday it was bombarded with misleading attacks.

The Ukraine army consists of mostly ordinary citizens. They are fighting for their country, their sovereignty.

Back in Ukraine with Valerie Hellerman and the Hands on Global team.