Crossing the border from Romania to Ukraine today we met a woman going back into Ukraine, She was crying. She had just brought her daughter to Romania and was leaving to return to Kyiv because she had an invalid mother there. She had to return to care for her because there was nobody else. Her journey was going to be very dangerous.

At the shelter today there was an air raid and we had to leave everything and go to the bomb shelter. It was a western Ukraine air raid warning indicating airplanes had entered western Ukraine airspace. People in the shelter were on their phones frantically checking in with friends and families waiting to hear where the bombs dropped and if everyone was ok. We were told these air raids happen almost nightly but we were rattled, finding ourselves in an air raid shelter. We are there for almost 3 hours. Waiting, waiting, waiting. The word is that Chenevitzi is still a safe city but Putin’s war is unpredictable. Our team is reconsidering our mission. It is painful because there are over 50,000 IDPs in Chenevizi and we have a schedule to visit 33 shelters and provide care. We don’t know what to do.

Due to the air raid we left Chenvitzi in the dark. At one point on our drive there was another air raid warning and no lights. We drove in the dark, except for our headlights. Tomorrow we will stay in Romania and work on medical shipments as we assess our situation.