It has been an emotional and exhausting few days. We have seen many patients, several with really sad situations. A few women with cancer who had to leave their homes amidst the bombings. Due to the war they cannot get the chemotherapy they need. Chemotherapy agents are just not possible now for anyone. Another tragedy of war, a failed medical system. A very sick woman with advanced cancer needing palliative care and soon to be in excruciating pain with no pain meds available. Another woman in congestive heart failure with no home oxygen available to help her breathe. These women will die soon, not in their homes, not in their beds, not with their families – and with the terror of war in their present reality.

These are the untold sufferings we see.

At the Refugee 4 Refugees house there is a family staying with no money. Two kids, two cats and a dog. They came here from Kyiv in a van. They have asked for camping equipment and are planning to camp until the war is over. R4R staff are busy networking to find a better solution.

The air raids have become annoyances, interrupting the day.

The final two team members arrive tonight from the USA. We will orient them tomorrow. I will be heading home in three days. I am ready to rest.