Sunday – not a day off, but a beautiful day. We finished up with the pharmacy storage at One Happy Family. Then went over to the Refugee4Refugees warehouse which has to be moved tomorrow to a new warehouse. Cathy, Sid, Lily, hard at work with the R4R team sorting through literally tons of donations put them on pallets to be moved.

Tama and I came home to work on financials and surprise, our friends from the fabulous CMA (Crisis Management Association) team and Omar from R4R came for a Sunday afternoon visit. It was great fun to just be having fun, good conversation and there was a rousing game of soccer. I have to say these organizations are the key to humanity in these camps. All their team members are dedicated, passionate and damn hard workers. It is a rarity to have an afternoon free of refugee work. I was honored to share that afternoon with them.

Hands on Global needs to align and cooperate with ngos with a longterm presence on the ground. We fit into their framework, their service delivery system.

I can say working with CMA is the best!

The Images are of some of my co workers / translators.