OMG I am devastated.

My friend and colleague “AA” has just received his second asylum rejection today. Hands On Global worked with this man for over six months in the medical clinic. He is a hard worker, always putting in the extra time and energy, with great kindness. This man, from an unnamed African country, had been in prison and tortured. His scars from torture are clearly visible. He is stunned, he is frightened, his life is not in his own hands. Deportation is no doubt a death sentence. This is a good man, a good person who would be a good, positive contributor to any community who would take him.

But now — what are his options? Not many, not legal. We criminalize refugees but they have no choice. Their very existence is at stake. Not many, if any, of us reading this have had this experience. We are  privileged with citizenship, in a safe country.

What would you do to save your life? To have a life? What is he to do?????