These stories will introduce you to refugees we worked with in the Greek camps. We are following their journey and to let them know they have not been forgotten.

M.A. – 33 years old single man from Afghanistan

Met M.A. in Greece where he was a volunteer worker at the NGO:  Home for All.

He left his country 6 years ago when he was turned into the Taliban because he worked for the US Army.

His mother and father died, and his two sisters escaped as they were to be in an arranged marriage to men they did not like.

In Greece, it took him three tries to be approved for asylum.

M.A. left Greece as the opportunities are greater in Germany. Immigration assigned him to a camp in Hamburg where he is now.   The conditions in this camp are significantly better than in Greece.

The camp houses people from other countries including an influx from the Ukraine.

His life is on hold as he waits for asylum.  He’s waiting to get into a German language class; waiting to move out of the camp, waiting to get a job, waiting to move on with his dream.  In spite of all the obstacles, he does not spend time thinking about the past. He keeps his mind on the present and his hopes for the future.

Tama and Cathy, Hands on Global, reporting from the road.