Delhi has been a high of 110 degrees. Thank goodness it is dry heat, yet still heat. Plenty of a.c. in buildings. This country has 1.38 billion people and 25 million people in Delhi. If you don’t like lots of honking and noise, don’t come to Delhi. People in the city walk in a rush, signs galore with huge pictures of men on ads and no car stays in a lane. A noticeable difference from Delhi and the towns outside Delhi is here they try and keep the streets clean. The infrastructure of India has never accounted for all the trash; yet we walk down the Delhi streets and most are clear of garbage. Also in central New Delhi branching out from Connaught Circle, the streets are lined with the most beautiful huge trees which give lots of shade.

The trip takes lots of organizing so we do our planning, make our lists of what we need to buy or places to stop; and phone ahead. India just opened from the last two years of Covid so we are the only pale faces around. Most of the time I like it when there are not a lot of tourists, but it’s a bit sad for India as their economy needs tourists. There are only the locals (Indian citizens from other states in this huge country).

Your brain is always thinking when you are in a different country where their language and customs are unfamiliar. We went to Chandi Chowk – a huge market where there are thousands of small shops where you can get whatever you need. Yep – thousands. There is one area which is several alleys of shops with medical supplies, medications, and medical equipment. Read their signs, give them our list and they respond yes or no to the items. If yes, pay in rupees (ie. 1,000 rupees is almost $13 us dollars). So here’s your challenge: calculate how much a microscope costs in us dollars if it sells for 15,525.98 INR (Indian Rupee)! Could not live without conversion on cell phone.

We bring a huge amount of donated supplies besides what we buy in Delhi. (Thank you again for those who donated!!) A large amount of time is spent repacking suitcases/boxes. Went to Spice Jet cargo and sent 8 suitcases/boxes to meet us as we flew to Leh this morning. Nine more suitcases will be sent to Leh when the rest of the Hands On Global (HOG) team arrives in a few days. Got excited looking out the window flying into Leh. It’s been since 2019 that HOG has been here. Miss you Valerie Hellermann. So appreciative of all you do!! Delhi temperature is between 89 to 112; and Leh is 42 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh Leh – what a welcomed change in temperature you are! Namaste, Cathy

Post by Cathy Evans, Hands on Global