Our last clinic.

From our end, time flew by. Many days, exhausted at the end, with tears flowing over evening wine. I would stay longer if I could. I have learned about perseverance, the extreme challenges to just survive, and I have deep admiration for these refugees.

They have only hope to keep them going.

It has been an honor to both work with them and for them. I will return home to my privileged life with each of their faces embedded in my heart. And I will share their stories with you.

The time is NOW. We need to change the way we live on this planet or we will not survive.

Again, thank you to the entire team and ALL OUR CONTRIBUTORS for making this clinic happen!

And a special thank you to Beth Cottinghham who sent these cards to refugees. They were a bit puzzled at first because most could not read them. but they loved the pictures and smiled when the text was translated. It added a bright moment to their day.