Today was one of those days of frustration at the system. Having to tell an 18 year old there is no dentist to pull out his infected, painful molars. He will have to just live with the pain, likely for years. A 53 year old woman who has an extremely high blood sugar level of 344, was sent home from the hospital without medication. A man sent to the hospital with a badly infected hand was given an injection that was not documented AT ALL. He told us it was very painful and based on that we made an assumption as to what it might be. A sad, sad Syrian woman of 68 years, which is my age, came in. She is the sole adult survivor of her family and now has five grandchildren to care for, the youngest being 4. Silent tears streamed down her face, she showed me her painful swollen knees, arthritic and tired. All we can give her is ibuprophen or aspirin.

So all this is more than frustrating. It is cruel. And I am not at all faulting Greece.
Why can’t the EU and the USA send in teams of doctors to treat these people?
And what about the USA? Our low income citizens likely face similar situations.

Why can’t health care be a GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHT?????