Early morning. Having a cappuccino down by the port. Enjoying the peaceful reflections on the water and reflecting about the Hands on Global experience. There is magic in this ngo. The right people always show up, with skills and open hearts and willingness to work long and hard.

Our Tibetan Nurse Practitioner left early and a lovely skilled Nurse Practitioner from Canada, Marilyn, joined us. We didn’t skip a beat. She actually worked with Lily in Bangladesh at the Rohinga camps. And BONUS – she may be joining us in Zanskar. Her last day was yesterday. Tomorrow, a doctor from Slovakia arrives to join our team. Of course we miss Leslie and Dr. Dan.

But, like I said, there is magic. And there has been money coming in to replenish our medical supplies. THANK YOU ALL.

Our entire team is preparing for a long day on Thursday. We are doing a distribution day with refuge4refugees and then a night clinic for emergencies.

Yesterday after work Charlotte Henson gathered our team together to do a few dances of universal peace. It was lovely and light and uplifting. Everyone smiled and sang. She will be inviting others to join and will do this a few times. She did an African and an Arabic song and dance. We can all unite in peace.