The team is working so well together. I would not say smooth going … but great creativity and resourcefulness and somehow we are still smiling for our patients.

There is a chicken pox epidemic. So many kids with fevers and pox, they are miserable and can you believe there is NO CALAMINE lotion on the island!

Today I saw a young man from DRC, he had horrible huge scars all over his face. I saw him in the line and knew by his demeanor he was a VOT (Victim of Torture). Even before I spoke with him I decided I would send him to Karen’s hug and rub, as we call her massage area, thinking he needs love and tender touch. When his turn came in triage and I could see his wounds closer, under his shirt, on his back. I was fighting tears. He is 24. I was not prepared when he took out his phone and showed me graphic images from him in the hospital. I had to get up and get some air or I would have vomitted . How do we humans do such things to others??? I know I have asked this question over and over – we are a flawed species. I have read SAPIENS and realize our flaws were developed early on in our evolution. We valued some humans over others and therefore could justify treating them badly. It seems we have not evolved much in compassion and equality.

Just in this past week 781 people arrived here by boat. Our world is in turmoil. People are continuing to flee from the old wars that continue and the new wars that start. Their lives are about survival, moment to moment, and there are no solid plans for a future, only hope. Hope that someone somewhere will care, someone out there will help them.

We are trying and your SUPPORT comes with us.