Myself and five team members leave tomorrow for the Samos Refugee Camp. Three members are already there and more are leaving at the end of this week. As I run around doing last minute errands, trying to cram more supplies into each bag so we don’t waste an ounce of weight, I am anxious like I have not been before. The conditions I am told have significantly worsened – many more refugees, boats still arriving, tensions between ethnic groups and a pissed off mayor of Samos. Basic supplies are short and still some are without shelter since the camp fire last week. And 100,000 people on the move from Northern Syria. ALL so heart wrenching.

I keep asking myself how are we going to work in this chaos? How will we be able to help so many more people?  I know we will and the team will step up, I just don’t know how yet.

Our team is bringing our hearts and commitments to do the best we can and we thank ALL of you who donated and support us.

We have many bags of medical supplies and are bringing tents and tarps. Still hoping Delta will waive some excess baggage fees.

We will be going to Mexico to work with asylum seekers in January – anyone interested? Let me know.

I will be blogging starting Oct 27  and will post on and on our Facebook page.

Will the world ever solve these problems?