The Hands on Global medical team have all safely arrived. A few missed flights and some delayed baggage . . . but we are all on the ground. We spent the last 2 days acclimating, gathering supplies and visiting some beautiful ancient monasteries. There is snow on all the peaks and fresh Himalayan air!

This is a fabulous team! We are at our lovely guest house in Leh being so well cared for by our friend Amchi Tsewang and his family who own the guest house. This morning we begin the long overland trip to ZANSKAR. We have 6 jeeps one packed entirely with medical supplies. Here we go – another adventure in the land of the medicine Buddha. Today we will make it to KARGIL and will spend a few hours at the Lamayeru Monastery, one of the oldest and most magnificent Buddhist Monasteries. The next day will be a long, long journey through the Himalayas. Hopefully we will make it across in less than 12 – 14 hours, depending on the snow.

Sending you all “hellos” and “Julleys” from this majestic place.