Our Hands On Global team is heading to Samos Island, Greece on FEB 20th. We had a medication packing party at my house and now have six 50 lb. bags of medicine ~  all ready to go. We have a portable exam table packed up, a portable ultrasound, a nebulizer and Marcia just called from Missoula to say we have the $1000 worth of birth control pills. Still waiting for the 1500 condoms to arrive. We are planning to provide a women’s health clinic and a mobile medical clinic, so we will divide the team.

We hear there is tremendous needs in Samos: basic food, shelter and medical care – needs are not being met and the refugees are desperate. We are ready to head into the belly of this beast and bring acknowledgment, love and medicine.

Thank you to all who support this. We take you with us in spirit and tell the people we meet that YOU are a part of our team. So stay tuned, I will blog on facebook and handsonglobal.org. Please SHARE with as many as possible so people know the reality of this refugee situation. We leave Wednesday at 1pm. We don’t have a great flight. We will hold our orientation meeting during a 9 hour layover in Paris, then on to Athens. A quick 7 hours at an airbnb and then off to Samos.

Send us your prayers.