We are here on a beautiful Greek island setting up to work outside a refugee camp in “the jungle“ –  the overflow of 4,500 people. The conditions are appallingly terrible. People are living in small tents, some have tarps, most don’t. There are only three porta potties so people are urinating and defecating in plastic bottles. We did our first orientation yesterday with Omar from Refugee4Refugees, went to his distribution center and warehouse. He does amazing service here while still in Moria. Omar took us through the jungle and we found a place to set up our clinic.

A tent in the middle of this jungle of tents and humanity. Refugees there stopped us, telling us how cold, hungry and sick they are. It is beyond imagination how bad this is. We then went to the clinic in town where Georgia and Marcia will do women’s health. We have just unpacked 8 bags of medical supplies. We are sorting and preparing to start tomorrow. It is pouring down rain right now. Cold. I can’t imagine how this is in the tents where water pours through and under the tents adding even more misery to an already difficult situation. We will be being discreet in our posts because we hear the politics are weird and criticism could shut us down.