Today was an easy day.

Many of the refugees had to renew their cards. Our sweet nurse from Cameroon, Susie, suddenly got a call from the UN immigration office. We were on pins and needles until she returned and said she is being transferred to the mainland TOMORROW. Such short notice. She is excited and nervous. She will be going to a place 7 hours outside of Athens, near Thessalonia. Hopefully it is a good place. Not sure.

The system is so confusing. Today I met a man who had severe psychological issues from torture. He was so sweet and so confused. He told me he just does not know what is going on – he is so confused with what to do, how it works. He said sometimes he is confused and does not know where he is or why he is here or how he got here. His friends are taking care of him. They help him get food and get dressed. He is in his mid-twenties. So sad. He had scars on his body. We sent him to Dick for massage and to the clinic for a psych exam that will take months. I hope he makes it.

We gave out more drums today. More joyful noise. Every day we pay our translators with bags of food. Terra goes to the market every day and fills up eight grocery bags with good food for them to cook and share with their neighbors. Tomorrow is our last day — ohhhhhhh, I am not ready to leave these wonderful people. But I am filled with grief over their stories. I have stories to share that will turn your stomach. I have not posted them here because you would stop reading these posts. But when I return I will share some. Thank you all who have supported these people. So tomorrow is our last day. I will post again tomorrow.