Sunday at the clinic – we only did emergencies today and pediatrics. It was busy. Tonight we gave Mohammad the money for the eye surgery. Hopefully the eye can be saved.

We are all tired today. A day off, though much needed, breaks the rhythm and we have to readjust getting back to work. Maybe it is the time change too.

I did wound care today. Old wounds, new wounds, bombs and bullets, really mess up the physical body. This one really sweet man from Libya with horrendous abdominal wounds from bullets was just so nice, quiet and so grateful. He is alone here at the camp and not sure where his family is. He thanked me and said “you are a good woman.” I could barely keep back my tears.

Zoe and I made an eye patch for the young man from Sudan who had lost his eye. He was so happy, his smile so big when he put it on. I am going to find him a really cool eye patch next time I go into Mytilini.

Georgia treated a young Afghani mother and her 2 children who just arrived 2 days ago . They had lost everything on the boat coming here from Turkey. What little they had, they lost to the sea. Her husband had to wait constantly in the food line. She was there because in just 2 days the entire family had caught scabies. She had no clothes to change into for her kids or herself.
On the way back at our house Georgia and Marine found some cheap wine at a 7-11. Yes, even in Greece there are 7-11s. Too tired to write much tonight. I appreciate everyone’s support.

Please share these posts so the world knows about the conditions these people live in. And this is only one refugee camp. In the words of “Omar’s Song” – “The whole darn world is a refugee.”