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Oct 27: A Day Off, Staying Focused

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Today was our day off, the clinic was closed. We slept in, washed our hair, did some laundry, met at Melis, our favorite coffee shop, then drove north to Skala Skimenos where the refugee boats arrive from Turkey on the north side. Boats also arrive near here in Mytilini. We met with members of an [...]

Oct 25: Hope in the Faces of Children

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{Today's Blog and Photos are brought to you by Leslie Gibbs} Moria is full of resiliency, and it is never more evident than in the children: the smiles on their faces, their quickness to hug and play ball, their eagerness to dance and learn english and math. These kids are the future, a generation that will [...]

Oct 24: This Work Is Full On

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We arrived this morning and within the first 5 minutes, a young man was brought in - an attempted overdose. Quickly the team responded and got an IV in him. He was immediately transferred out by ambulance to the hospital. I don't know his story but the conditions here are unbearable. Because the Greek government clinic [...]

Oct 23: Chaos in the Clinic

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The team arrived this morning to find that Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was closed and there were a ton of sick kids and babies. There were barely any pediatric medicines at the clinic but THANKS TO YOUR DONATIONS we have them!!!! Tara sent an SOS, Nancy flew over to the house to get them and also [...]

Oct 22: 1st Day at Camp

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First day. We met Omar at 8:15 and he showed us how the Olive Grove Camp grew - now over 2000 refugees living in tents and tarps. Some have used wood pallets to make a floor and raise the tent above the water that floods each time it rains. They are preparing for the cold, winter [...]

Oct 21: Arrived in Mytilene

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Long haul but here we are in Mytilene, the capital and port of the island of Lesbos. Scott missed his connection due to engine failure but was re-routed and will be arriving tonight. We are taking a siesta and then heading to meet Omar from Refuge4Refugees. We will go over to the camp tomorrow to do an orientation [...]

Leaving for Moria Refugee Camp in 3 days

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This Saturday, October 20th, Hands On Global team of 10 fly to Greece to work again at Moria Refugee Camp. Those of us who have been there before are dealing with the anxiety of impending heartbreak. Right now we cope by going into task mode, which believe me, there are a lot of tasks to get [...]

Day 1: Zanskar Medical Camp 2018

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We are off to Zanskar for our next Medical Camp. We have a great team from the USA and Brazil and Switzerland! And, of course, our Zanskari team! At the request of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this year we are moving forward on INTEGRATED MEDICINE. We have 2 wonderful Tibetan doctors joining us: Dr. Kalsang [...]

Day 1: Athens, Greece

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We are in Athens. We are in Plaka, the old city beneath the Acropolis. It is beautiful and friendly. We walked up to the Acropolis on ancient walkways. The pillars, majestic, and I love the statues in the front of this amazing temple of Athena. We are tourists for a day. Ate in a fancy eatery [...]

Day 14: Lesbos, Greece

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Up early buying cooking pots, cooking utensils, small wood cook stove, washing buckets, spices and food to distribute to the African-Sri Lanka tent. Thanks to the generosity of YOU we purchased this small stove, cooking pots, cleaning buckets and good vegetables and spices. These will be shared by many people. Our last gorilla clinic today. We [...]