Well another busy day in the clinic. It is pretty intense.

All the medical NGOs are working hard as so many medical staff left due to the violence. Then the One Happy Family that housed the Doc Mobile clinic is closed due to the fire.

Now, the Coronavirus scare and we are having discussions about our safety, medical resources on the island and the “what if the virus hits the camp”. Will the airlines close? Will Greece shut down??? Will we be allowed to return home??

We are paying close attention to the Greek Ministry of Health reports, WHO and the CDC. The team does not want to leave as the need here is SO GREAT, but we are being cautious and taking this one day at a time. We are using precautions – wearing masks, hand washing, hand sanitizers and gloves.

It really feels somewhat apocalyptic.

Today there was an 11 year old unaccompanied minor. He said he lost his family on the way here. I did not ask for details. So sad. He had really bad infections and was near septic. Debra took really good care of his wounds, but who takes care of his soul, this child alone in the world in a refugee camp??? Too heartbreaking . . . and it is these people in such great need that we are here for and so hesitant to leave.

We are working with a fabulous team and Dr. Ouzman and Waheeda are wonderful. Our translators are just great.

Dedication, compassion, and love is what will save us in the end.

We are witnessing.