Tonight the NGOs are all meeting with the Greek Ministry of Health to come up with a plan for the camp if Covid-19 hits. So far only two cases on Lesvos and both are in the north, not near us. We have been taking precautions with masks and hand washing and gloves.

The complication is that many of the patients we see already have the “refugee camp virus”, runny nose, coughs sore throats, body aches and most, for over 10 days, some for months. It will be difficult to distinguish. We are awaiting the results of these meetings.

But, we have discussed an evacuation plan:

IF the situation gets bad we will leave for Athens by plane or ferry. Once in Athens, we will immediately go to the Lufthansa, KLM ticket counters and get the first planes out. So far, our Lufthansa and KLM flights – Athens to Frankfurt, Athens to Paris – are continuing. Scott’s race in Cyprus was cancelled so he is staying with us.

We may have some diversion in the USA. We don’t know that for sure but Lufthansa and KLM say they are continuing flights from the EU to the USA.

We are restricting our social activities, have been cooking at home almost nightly and really enjoying each other’s company. We are off Saturday and Sunday and plan on sleeping in, drinking coffee, doing laundry, relaxing. We have all been taking our herbs and daily elderberry osha root tea.

Thanks for your support.

We are witnessing.