Met with the head of Ministry of Health for western Ukraine today. We met at the humanitarian distribution center where international NGOs and governments shipments come. From there volunteers sort and ship out to the areas of need. When we asked about the drivers he said that they were heroes, as the humanitarian corridors are not honored and it is extremely dangerous.

I am posting a very disturbing image of a child injured in a bombing because there is an urgent need for trauma supplies and medicines and complex orthopedic supplies. Please pass this on to any doctors, hospitals, medical supply companies you might know. The health minister told me the medical doctors have remained in the areas being bombed to treat patients but are desperate for supplies. There is also a shortage of food and water and many places are without electricity. It is so difficult for these people.

Our driver gives us daily reports from the Ukrainian news as we drive every day. I asked if there was anything that Ukraine would give up – Crimea, the Dombrok area? To appease Putin he said “No” because they would not give up on those people living there and Russia has no right to dictate to Ukraine. Absolutely understand. This would never be tolerated in the USA as we would never consider giving up Montana to Canada or Texas to Mexico.

Today we were able to arrange pick up of bandages and antibiotics to Kharkiv. We stacked 5 boxes in the hotel lobby and they were picked up by a driver, one of the Ukrainian heroes. We continue to treat the Internally displaced people in the shelters. Today was calm , no air raid alarms, yesterday there were 3.

We are now preparing to transition the next team. Our Norwegian provider arrives tomorrow afternoon and our Danish nurse leaves tomorrow evening.