This beautiful child we saw in clinic today has just lost her father. He was a civilian soldier fighting for his homeland in Kyiv. This is the painful reality of war, fatherless children and a young widow.

Fighting continues, bombs continue to be dropped. The humanitarian corridors were supposed to be open for some hours yesterday for food water and medical supplies but were not. Starving people and denying them basic water and medical care is another tactic. It is inhumane.

The IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) are near mental breaking points. So many complain of stress and the inability to sleep. Sleep can be difficult with nightly visits to the bomb shelters during the air raids.

Lina arrived today from Norway, Vicky returns to Demark tomorrow and Georgia returns to Idaho the next day. Two more team members are due in on Saturday as we transition to the next team. It has been a very good team, high functioning. I love this part of the work – how we can come together from different parts of the globe and within hours be a functioning team, delivering medical care and somehow in sync.