Hands On Global team continues serving IDPs on the ground in Chernavitzi. Due to gas shortages the team has had to move from the Romanian border town of Siret into Chernavitzi city. This is a bit unsettling as there are daily air raids but there is no other option.

The shelters are still housing many IDPs , many now arriving from the Donbas region and Odessa as these areas are under constant missile and artillery attacks. The public health care system in Chernavitzi has gotten a handle on the situation and many of
the IDPs are being seen by Ukrainian Drs. Availability of medication is still a huge issue. Hands On Global team is still supplying the bulk of chronic medications to these patients. However with the team now moved into Chernavitzi and the gas shortage it will be more difficult to get weekly medication from Romania. The team did stock up before the move.

There are many “special” cases needing assistance such as: children with leukemia, cystic fibrosis, adults with MS, kidney dialysis etc. The team has been sourcing special meds from Germany and Austria for these cases. A child recovering from a major MVA with head injuries needing follow up surgery presented to the team. We paid for the child and mother to be flown to Vienna where we had arranged management with the University Hospital. We continue to assist those with special needs getting to a country where their conditions can be treated.

The team is still involved with the orphanage, visiting weekly, bringing medications and diapers and general assisting the staff. We have contributed funds to hire more caregivers for six months – this is in process. It seems many Ukrainians are leaving the shelters, leaving Poland and Romania and returning to their villages and cities. Mostly to Kyiv and some to Kharkiv. It is still considered dangerous as there are still missile attacks. We understand people need to find missing relatives, neighbors, friends. There is a need to see what is left of their homes and cities. There is a need to return to life, and figure out what that looks like now.

Members of the team will be going to Kyiv in early June to assess the situation there. We support these team members as individuals. We know there is a tremendous need for many services particularly Physical Therapy for amputees, ongoing restorative surgeries, treatment of diseases from lack of access to clean water and mental health services. These people have been both physically and mentally wounded. Due to the many amputees, prosthetics will be a huge need. There are many who have lost more than one limb and children who will need to have their prosthetics updated as they grow. This is heartbreaking as we know it is a long
and difficult recovery.

We also know there is a need for repairing homes if that is even possible. People have been out of work with no income and the cost of being at war creates havoc on every corner of society. We are looking into some cash assistance for people identified in great need. Acknowledging that we cannot help all the millions, Hands On Global assists the persons in front of us as best
we can. We do not know exactly what this will look like at the moment but will trust our team to make good judgements when they are there.

Your donations will continue to support these needs. We are grateful to you. We promise to continue our work – hand to hand and heart to heart. Please continue to support this work.

Thank you,
Valerie Hellermann, Executive Director

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