Working triage. Love it because I get to meet all the patients. We made a few improvements working well, still need shelter. It gets cold as we are by the sea and the wind picks up every afternoon.

Medications are a big issue. I just spent over $800 on replacing meds and we have only been here a week. There are a lot of really sick chronic illness. Yesterday a pregnant woman came into triage stating she had abdominal pain, not really complaining much. She quickly she went into labor, not her first baby. Lily took her over to gyn and within 30 minutes she delivered a baby boy. He was wrapped in a space blanket. Mother is doing well, father very happy.

The birth made the Greek newspaper and that’s Lily from Hands On Global in the first photo, you can tell she is smiling behind her mask.

New life starting in a refugee camp. I don’t know what to say about that other than life goes on despite unbelievably harsh conditions.

My nose getting irritated from constant mask. Small complaint. Tomorrow a day off.