Worked evening triage with Lily last evening. Triage is not working so well . . . it was lined with orange construction fencing that was blowing in the wind. Triage was outside with the wind blowing and no shelter for the patients or us. We were right next to the sea and it was cold. We had a plastic table, a few plastic stools – so primitive. Even the thermometer was rebelling and refusing to register in the wind and cold. Lily and I are going to commandeer a tent today and make this better. It was just not working. As with everything in this camp, things are being made workable. Slowly.

The CMA team (Crisis Management Association) met yesterday with ministers from the mainland in the camp and hopefully any needed things will move forward. Then there was another fire on Samos. Over 700 people without shelter. I just cannot believe this. It apparently started when wind came up into the communal cooking area. Our translator Paul, from our last visit to Samos, lost everything. I spoke to him last night. He does not even have shoes. He has lost all of his papers, his sleeping bag, clothes, everything. How much more can a person endure???? I will find a western union today and send him some money.

Omar, from Refugee4Refugees, is on his way back to Samos to provide basic needs, mostly shelter. An endless struggle. Samos just had an earthquake and tsunami wave that flooded the harbor. I am sure the Greek locals are concerned with rebuilding their homes and don’t have much extra time nor resources for the refugees . The refugees were already living in primitive small tents, makeshift shelters in the jungle.

Now where will they go?